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Sample (about 0.35oz/10g). You could choose a different amount of tea to buy in "select" drop down menu.

HANDMADE! This blend of sweet and light smoky black tea (lapsang souchong wuyi) with light aroma of roses and with sparkle of hibiscus flowers brings peace and calm with every sip.

Ingredients: black tea, rose buds, rose petals, natural rose extract, hibiscus.

Mixed and packed in the USA.


СДЕЛАНО ВРУЧНУЮ! Эта смесь сладкого и легкого дымчатого черного чая (lapsang souchong wuyi) с легким ароматом роз и с блеском цветов гибискуса умиротворяет и приносит спокойствие с каждым глотком.

Whiff of Roses Black Tea

SKU: 0046
PriceFrom $2.50
  •  Black tea, rose buds, natural rose extract, hibiscus.

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