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Welcome to Real Tea Cup!


I want to introduce our family and our business to you. My name is Tatyana and my husband’s name is Vladimir. We have 3 kids: Philip, Daniel and Evelyn and are living in the Washington sate, US.


We started our business in 2016 but our tea journey starts way long before. My husband started to try different types of tea and educate himself in 2013. And since then we tasted hundreds and hundreds of teas and choose the best ones to share on our website.


My father is the man who knows everything (or almost everything) about herbs, herbal decoctions and natural healing. All my childhood and free from school time I spent with my dad out in the fields and woods collecting all kinds of herbs, roots and berries. 

Right now, through our business we want to share our love and our passion to Tea and Herbal healing.


We are NOT using any sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in our teas.


Buying from our website you are supporting our family and letting me work from home and spend more time with my kids. I am appreciated every single order, small or big and thankful from the bottom of my heart for every customer.


Wishing everyone much blessing and a good health!



R.S. Sharing your experience with our teas on our website, Facebook page and Instagram is a huge help to a small business like us.

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