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A beautiful heat resistant glass tea set includes one teapot (800ml/27fl oz) with infuser and warmer; 6 tea cups (80ml/2.7fl oz each) with saucers. You will enjoy have a tea party with your family and friends using this clear glass tea set.


Этот красивый и термостойкий стекляный набор включает заварной чайник (800мл) со стекляным ситечком и  подставку подогреватель со свечкой, 6 чашечек (80мл) и 6 блюдечек. Наслаждайтесь вкусным чаем в кругу семьи и друзей из этого прекрасного набора!

Glass Tea Set

SKU: 0021
  • All products are new and never used, so please clean them in warm water before use. We do not recommend use scented detergent for Clay Unglazed teaware. Lately you can use baking soda to wash away "tea scurf." We also do not recommend to wash our teaware in a washing mashine.

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