This is heat resistant clear glass chahai /serving pitcher is 8.4fl oz (250ml). It uses for beautifly serving tea prepared in a steeping cup (gaiwan) or teapot. Our pitcher gets the job done in style. You may pour the entire contents of a gaiwan or teapot into the pitcher for a more elegant presentation, or serve your guests from a larger teapot and pour the remainder into the pitcher to avoid over-brewing.

Heat Resistant Glass Chahai

SKU: 0023
  • All products are new and never used, so please clean them in warm water before use. We do not recommend use scented detergent for Clay Unglazed teaware. Lately you can use baking soda to wash away "tea scurf." We also do not recommend to wash our teaware in a washing mashine.

Real Tea Cup/ Battle Ground, WA/ USA / 360-842-3803

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Real Tea Cup was created in 2016