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Tea Bag vs Loose Tea

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

We all understand that many people preferred bagged tea because it is quick and easy. And if you drink tea once in a while, it is totally fine, but if you want to taste rich tea flavor and get as much minerals and vitamins from them then you should switch to loosen leaf tea. Bagged tea is largely made of crushed, low-quality leaves which don’t allow the flavor to come through.

That Is Why We Recommend Loose Leaf Tea

Whiff of Roses

First of all, Loose Leaf Tea tastes better than Bagged Tea

Because loose leaf tea uses whole or very large pieces of leaves, all the essential oils of the tea leaf are expressed in the water. With all our teas, we use premium ingredients, many are organic.

Next, With Loose Leaf Tea you know what you're drinking

Have you ever looked at a bag of tea and tried to guess what's actually

Lemongrass-Verbena-Green Tea

in there? Unless it's a very basic tea blend, you might not know what you're putting in your body. We know exactly what's in our tea. You can ask us about any of our teas!

And Last, High-Quality Loose-Leaf Tea can be re-steeped

Hand Roll Jasmine Green Tea

Have you ever tried re-steep already used tea bag? It doesn't taste right.

Maybe a little bit like murky water. However, many of our teas can be re-steeped 2-3 times! And would you believe, it still tastes just as good as the first cup.

In nowadays, there are modern tea bags - sachets -with the pyramid shape. This shape gives more room and allows high quality loose tea leaf to unfold inside the tea bag. This new invention let us combine convenience of tea bags with the quality of loose leaf.

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